Tubing Center, North Conway NH


Date Of This Posting
July 8, 2017 noon

Current Water Level
850 cfs normal 468. cfs

Water Temperature
66 °F

River Condition
Great water level

Redstone Rapids are awesome!

River Tubing Water Guide

Cubic feet per second (cfs)
100 - 400 cfs: Very slow moving water (no rapids) 1.5 mile trip only
400 - 1000 cfs: Gentle current perfect conditions for Redstone Rapids (3 mile trip)
1000 - 1200 cfs: Quicker water. Ages 12 and up for Redstone Rapids (3 mile trip)
1200 - 1600 cfs: Adults only

This is a only a general guide. Water levels change on a daily basis.

The Beach Family Campground is located a half mile from our location and we offer shuttle service from the Campground. Exclusive float for Beach Campground campers is a 4 mile 4-6 hour float back to your campsite. We will pick you up at your campsite and shuttle you up river where your float begins. When booking please let us know you are guest at the Beach Familty Campground so we can arrange pick up.
Campground Reservations: 603 447 2723

Merril Farm Inn and Resort
Locatd adjacent to us the Merrill Farm Resort offers luxury camping in the comforts of motel rooms and suites. Tubing packages available:

Saco River Motor Lodge
Locatd on the Saco River offers River Tube packages for a exclusive 3 mile float.
603 447 3720

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