Date Of This Posting
July 8, 2017 noon

Current Water Level
850 cfs normal 468. cfs

Water Temperature
66 °F

River Condition
Great water level

Redstone Rapids are awesome!

River Tubing Water Guide

Cubic feet per second (cfs)
100 - 400 cfs: Very slow moving water (no rapids) 1.5 mile trip only
400 - 1000 cfs: Gentle current perfect conditions for Redstone Rapids (3 mile trip)
1000 - 1200 cfs: Quicker water. Ages 12 and up for Redstone Rapids (3 mile trip)
1200 - 1600 cfs: Adults only

This is a only a general guide. Water levels change on a daily basis.

The Saco River is a natural river and not an amusement park. There are no life guards along the way. The river averages 3 feet deep but there are some areas that may be 8 feet deep. Every participant is given a life jacket. Children 12 and under are required to wear them.

What to bring to make the most of your tubing adventure.

1. Plenty of Sunscreen.
2. Foot Wear. We Sell water shoes for $10
3. Lunch/snacks
4. Water or favorite beverage
5. Squirt guns.
6. Prepared to get wet

Saco River Tubing Center rents dry bags and floating cooler trays for your belongings.

What NOT to bring

2. Pocket book. There are no outlets along the river or Dunkin Donuts.
3. Anything you do not want to get wet.
4. Cell phones or car keys without dry bags. (keys can be left at office)

Dry Bag rentals available for $5

Other Tips:
Saturdays are very busy and festive on the river. Sunday-Friday are busy with lots of families. We sell out most days that temperatures are predicted to be over 80 degrees.

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